Wirkung von HDPE-Geomembranen auf Deponiesickerwasser


Wirkung vonHDPE-Geomembranauf Deponiesickerwasser

Ein maßgeblicher Experte auf dem GebietHDPE-Geomembran - Yangzhou Leebo Umweltschutzmaterial Co., Ltd.Heute stellen wir Ihnen die Wirkung von HDPE-Geomembranen auf Deponiesickerwasser vor.
Unsere Serie hochwertiger Produkte vertreten durchWasserdichte Geomembransind zu Branchenmodellen geworden, und Käufer aus der ganzen Welt sind im Großhandel willkommen.
With the rapid development of our country's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more garbage is generated in our lives. Therefore, attention must be paid to landfill disposal methods. The landfill leachate contains a component, and its components are complex, which is extremely harmful to the environment. Therefore, in order to prevent the landfill leachate from infiltrating into groundwater and surface water, when the anti-seepage system of the landfill is polluted, Anti-seepage measures should be strictly implemented. Because the chemical properties of HDPE geomembrane are very stable, and its waterproof effect is also very good, it is often used for anti-seepage treatment.

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